Helpful Information on Purchasing Clothing for Preemies

When purchasing clothing for premature babies, there are several factors to consider. Since preemies often spend their first few weeks of life in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit), most of this time is spent in a diaper and nothing else. Many parents are thrilled when they are told their precious little one can begin wearing clothing. Unfortunately, it can be a bit difficult to find clothing that will fit and will meet the requirements of the NICU if the baby is still admitted. With this information, parents will have an easier time of finding the perfect outfits for their tiny little ones.


Before purchasing any preemie clothing, it is crucial parents speak with the NICU department to learn what rules and regulations they have for preemie clothing. Some hospitals do not allow any clothing while others may have certain requirements, such as snap fronts. By checking with the NICU first, parents can avoid wasting tons of money purchasing outfits their preemie will never be allowed to wear.

Size is an important factor when choosing any clothing for a preemie. Micro preemies, which weigh one to three pounds, will be more difficult to purchase for than those that weigh four or five pounds. There are some preemie boutiques that specialize in tiny clothing for these little ones. Even though there are clothing pieces for the smallest of babies, parents are better off purchasing in the four to five-pound size for when their baby is big enough to begin wearing clothing safely. This will also provide the right size of wardrobe for when the baby is allowed to come home.

Since preemies grow at different rates, it can be prudent to start with a few pieces and see how the baby is progressing. Purchasing slowly will help to prevent wasted money on outfits that end up being able to be worn for only a short amount of time.

If you are a parent of a preemie and looking for special outfits, click here. This boutique specializes in providing the best clothing for preemies of all sizes. Contact them right away and allow them to help you purchase your little one’s clothing for a perfect fit and look.


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